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New Delhi. Your smartphone is exposed to a wide variety of apps, photos, videos and other online activities every day, which is why the junk files in this smartphone are increasing day by day. If this is not done then your smartphone starts to get very slow. Because of this, you may experience a lot of frustration in operating the phone as it becomes very difficult to do even the smallest work on the smartphone. However, if your phone also slows down due to temporary files and unnecessary downloads, you can also find a solution to this problem.

Unfortunately, Android smartphones do not have their own recycling bin like the Windows system. The lack of a recycling bin for storing files makes it a bit difficult. However, most Android smartphones have their own trash system that you need to empty yourself to free up storage full of unnecessary downloads and cached files.

So with the help of simple steps here, you can get rid of unnecessary things like application data files, application cache files. These steps may be a little different on every Android phone, it will help guide you to the Trash section of your Android phone. Find out how many files like photo, file manager can be emptied in the trash in an Android smartphone. This process depends a lot on the phone and OS update.

How To Clear Photo Trash On Android Smartphone

  • First you need to open the Google Photos app on your Android smartphone.
  • After this you will find the Library option in the bottom bar of Photos.
  • At the top of the Library screen, you’ll find the Trash option. It has to be tapped.
  • After this you have to tap on the three points in the upper right corner.
  • After this you select Empty Trash.
  • It will ask you to select the Allow option to confirm your choice
  • After this, Google Photos will permanently delete all the photos in the Trash.

How to Clear Files by Google on Android Smartphones-

  • Do you use Files by Google as a file manager? You can also clean up trash from here.
  • Open the Files option on the Google app in your smartphone.
  • Then tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner.
  • Then you select Trash. This will show you the deleted files.
  • You can select all your files as well as all items.
  • You can then go down and tap the Delete button.

How to clear app cache and data files from your Android smartphone

  • Go to your smartphone’s settings.
  • After going to settings, go to storage.
  • After this, go to the app whose cache you want to delete.
  • To access this feature, you’ll need to go to the application info menu and tap on Storage.
  • Then click on Clear Cache. However, this will not delete all the data.
  • If you want to clear all data, you have to tap Clear Data or Clear Storage for this.
  • Android users should note that this will also remove all settings, files and accounts.

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