Samsung brought its first unique AC like this, Shimla will be fun in summer!

New Delhi. Leading Indian consumer electronics company has launched its new DVM S2 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) outdoor air conditioning unit. It works with an indoor AC unit to provide wind-free cooling which cools the room ambient temperature powerfully and comfortably. Windfree technology eliminates harsh cold drafts and allows air to flow through 23,000 micro-holes at a speed of 0.15 m / s which helps to create a stable atmosphere. Samsung’s new DVM S2 line-up in various capacities ranging from 8 HP to 34 HP will have heat pumps and cooling available only in models suitable for apartments, residential complexes, office spaces and commercial buildings.

Vipin Agarwal, Director, Systems Air Conditioning Business, Samsung India, said, “The efficient and powerful display of the DVM S2 is powered by Samsung’s exclusive windfree cooling technology. This new line-up is designed to provide our users with best-in-class technology and increased energy efficiency. The new range is equipped with AI capabilities that provide smart control that learns cooling patterns, maintains an external installation environment based on proper pressure and monitors refrigerant leakage in real time. With this launch we are ready to offer wind-free technology to our users in residential complexes as well as commercial spaces.

The DVM S2, Samsung’s 6th Generation Digital Variable Multi Air Conditioner, enables connections with up to 64 Samsung Indoor Air Conditioning Units for maximum comfort without excessive cold drafts and is compatible with Samsung’s 1Way, 360 Cassette, 4Way, 400Way 600A. Wall-mounted models.

AI power for smarter, faster cooling

Thanks to its AI power, the DVM S2 detects indoor climate control to provide optimized cooling and heating performance. The AI ​​low pressure control monitors the cooling operation pattern and quickly reaches the target temperature, making users feel comfortable at the temperature of their choice. Meanwhile AI High Pressure Control maintains maximum high pressure by adjusting depending on the established environment. AI defrost control provides the best time for defrost operation, and therefore provides more comfort during heating. In addition, DVM S2’s high-tech AI algorithms can detect refrigerant leaks in real time and send instant alerts, allowing users to check and operate their units without compromising comfort.

Energy efficiency

The DVM S2 uses a large heat exchanger, new efficiency fan, advanced power module and 4 core technology of advanced scroll compressor.

Wide frequency range for better wind-free performance
The DVM S2 features state-of-the-art technology, including advanced flash injection (AFI) technology, a more advanced scroll compressor, a large heat exchanger with customized refrigerant flow, a multi-cation fan and an advanced power module.

More high-tech AFI motor control technology allows a wider frequency range of 10 ~ 180Hz. The new 10Hz low (compared to the 14Hz of the old model) makes the system more stable at lower frequencies, allowing for better wind-free operation for draft-free, comfortable temperature control. The new high of 180Hz offers more powerful cooling performance.

Large heat exchanger and multi-cation fan
The heat transfer area of ​​the heat exchanger is much larger than in all newer models. The hybrid path of the new unit is designed to optimize the refrigerant flow to suit the air flow profile. In addition, its unique multi-cation fan reduces the noise of wind turbulence. Apply different serrations, depending on the wind speed at the edges and inside the blade. In addition, more efficient insulated gates reduce power loss based on bipolar transistors (IGBTs).

The new design of the DVM S2 is more aerodynamic and offers more quiet performance compared to the older generation. It has a stronger frame and reinforced structure with high-tech exterior cabinets for reliability. Cooling operating range and external static pressure have been increased for design flexibility, as well as upgraded to emergency operation mode. In addition, the DVM S2 also has an on-device inverter check for better maintenance. High-tech technology for refrigeration sub-cooling control and installation condition analysis for small liquid pipes that provides a 28 percent reduction in the amount of additional refrigerant used during installation compared to its older model.

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