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Kodak HD LED TV India has announced a sale, you can buy it at a cheaper price …



New Delhi. To make this IPL season special, Kodak TV India is all set to announce its biggest ever sale for the Flipkart Big Savings Day Sale. The brand will offer the biggest deals on its official Android Kodak CA Pro and 7XPRO series priced at Rs. Starting at 7499. The three-day sale will begin April 11-14, 2022. In sales, the company’s TV sales will see a sharp decline. Highlight models on sale during the 7XPRO series will be 32-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch televisions, 40-inch and 50-inch models and on sale.

The Kodak CA Pro Series is equipped with the best features like 4K HDR10 display, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS TrueSurround and runs on the latest Android 10 interface. It has a number of connectivity options, including USB 2.0, HDMI 3 ARC / CEC, and Bluetooth v.5.0 (the latest version), as well as a user-friendly remote. The units in the CA PRO range have bezel-less screens, user-friendly handy remote and easy access to Google Assistant for seamless navigation.

Kodak’s official Android TV is integrated with Chromecast and offers an immersive viewing experience. They also offer unmatched cinematic experience at affordable prices. With an almost bezel-less design, the TV also has Google Play Store like Prime Video, Hotstar, Z5, Sony LIV, 6000+ apps and Google Play Store with 500,000+ TV shows. The remote control also includes dedicated shortcut keys for Prime, YouTube and Sony Live.

Commenting on the sale, “We are grateful to our customers for their support during the epidemic,” said Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah, CEO, Director, Super Plastronics Pvt. Ltd., Kodak brand license holder. “To appreciate their support and express our gratitude, we are offering our biggest discounts on some of our bestseller TV series so that they can experience the IPL series running at a high price at a reasonable price,” he said.

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Airtel gives users a big tweak! Prepaid plans will be expensive, know …



New Delhi. Last year, many telecom companies like Vodafone-Idea, Reliance Jio and Airtel increased the prices of their pre-paid plans. Now, once again shocking users, Airtel has decided to extend its pre-paid plan. The company’s CEO Gopal Vittal has confirmed the news. He said that in the year 2022, Airtel is likely to increase the prices of its pre-paid plans once again. This time the average revenue per user (ARPU) will be fixed at Rs.200.

Telecom companies are not happy with TRAI’s decision

According to media reports, Airtel is not satisfied with the base price of 5G by the telecom regulator. Speaking on the occasion, Gopal Vitthal said, “The industry was expecting a sharp fall in prices. Although the prices have come down but it is not enough and in that sense it is quite disappointing. Let me tell you that some telecom operators are not happy with the decision of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). These companies are trying to reduce the reverse price of 5G by 90%.

The company’s CEO said he hoped the public would tolerate it

“I think we may see a slight increase in tariffs this year,” Vitthal said. I still think tariffs are still low at that level. ‘ Vitthal also said that he hopes consumers have the capacity to bear this trauma. He acknowledged that the new price hike was only a temporary setback. Let me tell you that Airtel’s popularity has not diminished despite the increase in prices last year. Airtel added about 5 million subscribers in March. Earlier, 3 million people were joining Airtel for three consecutive months.

Airtel also launched last year

Last year, all three private telecom operators – Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone-Idea – raised prices by 18-25 per cent. Airtel first decided to increase the pre-paid plan by 18-25% in November 2021. After this Idea also decided to increase its tariff charge in the same category. At the same time, Reliance Jio increased the prices of its pre-paid plans by 20 per cent in this case. Reliance Jio has not yet commented on whether it will increase the tariff plan this year.

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Slow down smartphone speed even after deleting data? Using …



New Delhi. Your smartphone is exposed to a wide variety of apps, photos, videos and other online activities every day, which is why the junk files in this smartphone are increasing day by day. If this is not done then your smartphone starts to get very slow. Because of this, you may experience a lot of frustration in operating the phone as it becomes very difficult to do even the smallest work on the smartphone. However, if your phone also slows down due to temporary files and unnecessary downloads, you can also find a solution to this problem.

Unfortunately, Android smartphones do not have their own recycling bin like the Windows system. The lack of a recycling bin for storing files makes it a bit difficult. However, most Android smartphones have their own trash system that you need to empty yourself to free up storage full of unnecessary downloads and cached files.

So with the help of simple steps here, you can get rid of unnecessary things like application data files, application cache files. These steps may be a little different on every Android phone, it will help guide you to the Trash section of your Android phone. Find out how many files like photo, file manager can be emptied in the trash in an Android smartphone. This process depends a lot on the phone and OS update.

How To Clear Photo Trash On Android Smartphone

  • First you need to open the Google Photos app on your Android smartphone.
  • After this you will find the Library option in the bottom bar of Photos.
  • At the top of the Library screen, you’ll find the Trash option. It has to be tapped.
  • After this you have to tap on the three points in the upper right corner.
  • After this you select Empty Trash.
  • It will ask you to select the Allow option to confirm your choice
  • After this, Google Photos will permanently delete all the photos in the Trash.

How to Clear Files by Google on Android Smartphones-

  • Do you use Files by Google as a file manager? You can also clean up trash from here.
  • Open the Files option on the Google app in your smartphone.
  • Then tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner.
  • Then you select Trash. This will show you the deleted files.
  • You can select all your files as well as all items.
  • You can then go down and tap the Delete button.

How to clear app cache and data files from your Android smartphone

  • Go to your smartphone’s settings.
  • After going to settings, go to storage.
  • After this, go to the app whose cache you want to delete.
  • To access this feature, you’ll need to go to the application info menu and tap on Storage.
  • Then click on Clear Cache. However, this will not delete all the data.
  • If you want to clear all data, you have to tap Clear Data or Clear Storage for this.
  • Android users should note that this will also remove all settings, files and accounts.
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Good news for Nokia users, Nokia G20 smartphone is getting …



Nokia was once considered the world’s best smartphone maker, although much has changed in the last few years. Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and Realmy have now tightened their grip on the Android smartphone segment and Nokia has lagged far behind in the smartphone race. Although there are still many smartphone users who prefer to use Nokia smartphones, if you also fall into this category and you have a lot of love for your Nokia phone, there is good news for you.

In fact, some time ago there was a news that Nokia 2.4 and Nokia 8.3 5G have got Android 12 update and now Nokia’s other phone Nokia G20 may also be included in this list. NokiaMob has quoted screenshots of Nokia G20 users and said that Nokia has started rolling out Android 12 for G20 mobile. It is assumed that this update can be found with the security patch.

According to reports, the update will reportedly be available in Austria and is packed with 1.97 GB of data. If you use a Nokia G20 phone and you want to check if you have this update available, you can do so by going to your phone’s settings.

Let me tell you that this new update from Nokia comes with a privacy dashboard that provides a clear overview of users’ location, camera or microphone access in the last 24 hours. With this new update, Nokia G20 users will be able to keep their private data in a safe place. In addition, it has some accessibility enhancements, including features like increased area, extra screen dimming, bold text and grayscale.

Notably, there are still many Nokia smartphones that have not received the Android 12 update. The names of these phones are – Nokia X10, Nokia X20, Nokia XR20, Nokia G50, Nokia 8.3 5G and Nokia 2.4. However, there are many such smartphones, which are expected to get the Android 12 update soon. These include smartphones like Nokia 3.4, Nokia 5.4, Nokia T20.

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