IPL Auction 2022: Rain of Money on Youngistan, The U-19 Stars

New Delhi: In the last few years, India’s under-19 cricketers have made good money in the IPL auction and this time too it will be no different, when the mega auctions will be held on February 12 and 13.

The outstanding performance of Indian players in the ongoing Under-19 World Cup in the Caribbean will not only help them to get a place in the senior national team, but will also give them a chance to earn a lot of money and name in this league.

The current generation of players who have grown up watching the IPL will have one eye on the auction and the other on the Under-19 World Cup. However, this was not always the case. In 2008, the then under-19 captain Virat Kohli and his teammate Ravindra Jadeja were selected by the draft system to join the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals respectively. Those players were not available for auction and naturally they were given a limited amount.

Harnoor Singh

Harnoor is one of the most promising talents in this year’s Indian Under-19 team. He is the leading batsman of the team and has also played some superb innings in recent friendly matches and the Under-19 World Cup. In India’s second match of the ongoing Under-19 World Cup, he was the highest run scorer with 88 runs in an innings. Harnoor will definitely be one of the youngest batsmen out there for which IPL teams can bid.

Angakrish Raghuvanshi
The opener is a highly credible batsman, having scored 79 in the match against Ireland and then scored a century (144 off 120 balls) against Uganda. Therefore, it will definitely be one of the most wanted names in the auction.

Raj Bawa
He is an all-rounder and is probably best suited for the IPL format. He can throw 3-4 overs comfortably and he is also a good batsman. He took 42 off 64 balls against Ireland and four big wickets against South Africa, except for a superb innings (162 off 108 balls) against Uganda. The franchise that needs a young all-rounder will definitely bid for Bawa in the auction, which could lead to a better deal for the young player.

Yash Dhul
He is the captain of India Under-19 and is suitable for all formats. He is as good as Harnoor Singh and has immense potential. His innings (82 for 100) against South Africa was very impressive. Unfortunately he came to Corona positive and missed the next few matches. However, it has already demonstrated its potential and could attract many franchises in the IPL 2022 mega auction. In addition, in the last few seasons of the IPL, India’s under-19 captains have always been paid a hefty sum.

Vicky Ostwal
He is currently the best bowler in the Indian Under-19 team and he did so with a superb spell of 5/28 against South Africa. He could be the highest wicket-taker in the 2022 Under-19 World Cup and would be a big addition to his already stellar performance. Apart from the above five Indian cricketers, there are many other young players from different countries in the ongoing U-19 World Cup who are doing well for their respective countries and the franchises are keeping an eye on them before the auction.

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